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At Parish, Green & Beatty we understand that some people may feel somewhat intimidated by an eye examination. As Community Optometrists we are eager to get to know our customers (those who live and work in the communities that our practices serve) as real people. By giving a more personalised approach to eyecare, we hope to eliminate any apprehensions or fears that you may feel by allowing you to always have appointments with someone who you feel is 'Your Optometrist'.

An eye examination has two important functions. The first is to assess the health of the eyes and to detect any general health problems that may be reflected in the eyes. For example, diabetes and high blood pressure are often detected in an eye examination. The picture on the right shows one of our optometrists, Hannah Thomas undertaking an eye-test, we also have special equipment for undertaking pressure testing.

The second function of the eye examination is to assess how well the eyes see. If there is a problem with the visual or optical performance then we prescribe glasses or eye exercises. During this part of the eye examination the optometrist typically asks lots of questions, such as ‘Which is clearer, lens one or lens two’. Patients are often concerned that they might answer the wrong question, but there is no need to worry about this. Each question the optometrist asks is repeated three or four times and the average response is then recorded. This is not because the optometrist does not trust the patient, but rather because they know how difficult it is for the patient to be sure. By double-checking and treble-checking, the optometrist can be completely confident of the result obtained.

The assessment of the functioning of the eyes is not just about the optics of the eyes, or how well the eyes focus. Several of the tests that our optometrists carry out are designed to assess how well the eyes work together as a team. This is sometimes called the binocular co-ordination, or orthoptic function.

Gordon Green is our expert lens cutter and shaper. Our practices, thanks to Gordon, allow you to collect your glasses in most cases the next day. This is unlike larger opticians who may make you wait up to a week or more before collection!

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Gordon Green Lense Cutting
Gordon Green shaping and cutting lenses: on-site

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